The best alternative when you can’t make immediate use of your equipment: laptop rental 💻

  • Address of the best place to rent laptops in Madrid or technical support for computers with immediate solutions: Calle Joaquín María López, 26, 28015 Madrid, Spain.
  • Phone number: 910 05 36 51

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One day you are using your laptop in complete comfort. The other one doesn’t even turn on. What can be happening? maybe you get an idea or maybe you need a technical support for computers with immediate solutions. However, if this is your main work tool, what can you do while it is being repaired? Calling in sick is not an option and repairs don’t always take a day, especially those that are more difficult to treat. But what you can do is find a quick and effective solution. Which? Renting a computer. Yes, just as you read. Although it is not a common business, it exists. For example, a button: us. You will no longer have to suffer thinking about an answer to that big problem of not having a borrowed laptop on hand. In addition, we clone all your information, we save it in Word files so that you can continue working as before today.

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We have a confidentiality agreement for your complete peace of mind. In our hands your data will be safe ➡️

Laptop rental Madrid 💻

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We have the best brands in the current computer market: Asus, Dell, Hp, Lenovo, MSI, LG, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft Surface, Apple.

Our laptops have the best guarantee, so you can rest easy because everything is under control in case of damage and/or breakdown.

At Computer Rental we are known for not only providing the device you need, but we also take care of all the processes such as: delivery of the equipment to your home or office, hardware and software technical support and much more.

How to get to Laptop Rental in Madrid ➡️

It is located in Madrid, C. de Joaquín María López 26, very close to the Plaza de España,just 8 minutes and only 3 of the stops froml Metro Islas Filipinas.

We are also close to: We are also close to:Autonomous University of MadridCEU San Pablo UniversitySaint Louis University – Madrid Campus Comillas Pontifical University. Also, we are close to Jesus Master College, Asunción Rincón, La Salle Sagrado Corazón and  Decroly College.

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Puntuality 💎

If there is something that characterizes us, it is this point. We are very punctual when delivering the PC to you, even if you do not pick it up directly at our store but request it at home. At the time you need the computer, at that time we will be at your home or office.

24/7 service 💎

We make it easy for you: on our website you will find the device you need, depending on your computing needs. Whatever it is, you have the option to quote it at any time of the day. We will reply you as soon as possible. Secure the right model for you! Remember that we pass all your information to that PC.

Warranty 💎

Rest assured that you will have the equipment available when you require it. We guarantee the delivery of it, as soon as you find it reserved exclusively for you. In addition, every product that we leave in your hands has been previously rigorously tested, as well as updated so that you can use it with peace of mind.

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